Teagle Tomahawk 5050

Wet and Dry Bale Shredder - any bale, any shape, any size, anywhere!

  • Wet and dry material,
  • Round; Square or big pack bales ,
  • 3 outlet spouts,
  • Stone protectors,

Giraffe Chutes to give delivery over feed barriers, walls, etc.

Teagle Tomahawk 5050 (Wet and Dry Shredder)


Tomahawk 5050 (Download brochure .pdf format, 3,20 Mb)

Optional : Remote Control of deflector flaps - manual or hydraulic.

Drum Extensions of varying lengths to give drums of up to 2.4m long.

Optional: Hydraulic Flow Control Valve to control drum speed where tractor hydraulic output is high.

Various Chute Options are available to special order, tailor made to your requirements.

Teagle 5050 rotor – for wet and dry material

Teagle 5050 wet and dry shredder rotor