Balers B70 Round baler

Continuous roller design ensures better compaction, shape and density of each bale


  • Highly manouevrable
  • Low maintenance
  • Continuous roller design
  • 3-Point mounting
  • Low power requirement
  • 3 Bale density settings
  • Smaller bale size - easier to handle

Self -contained hydraulic system (can be used by all tractors)

Reliable and low maintenance binding system

Automatic trigger for twine binding



B70 round balers


B70 Round baler (Download brochure .pdf format, 1,84 Mb)


B70 Baler (original) demo video - see the video

B70 (Round Baler) demo video - see the video

B70 Baler demo video - see the video

B70 round balers

Three point mounting offers the following benefits:

  1. No unnecessary wear and tear during road transport;
  2. Easy turning in tight conditions;
  3. No possibility for damage to be caused when reversing;
  4. Minimal force on PTO shaft

Very low power requirement

Hassle free access to all moving parts and easy lubrication thanks to hinged doors

3 bale density settings

3 Settings to determine the amount of twine used to bind bale

System overload protection with shear bolts and a slip clutch

Audible signal for the start of the binding process Bales are water resistant and can be stored outside

With its Compact design you can bale grass in places you never thought possible eg: between vineyards, between citrus, nut and avo trees, between maize rows

A chain and sprocket drive system means quiet operation and low maintenance.

  • Performance : 60-90 (bales/hour)
  • Tyres : 16 x 6.50-8-4PR (tyre size)
  • Tractor requirement : 18-37 kW (25-50 HP)
  • Bales size : 61 x 70cm (Diameter x Width)

Weight & dimensions:

  • Length : 130cm
  • Width : 130cm
  • Height : 135cm
  • Weight (Approx) : 440kg
  • Pickup Width : 80cm

3 bale density settings

B70 round baler dimensions


B70 round baler

B70 round baler

B70 round baler

B70 round baler

B70 round baler

B70 round baler