BGU Shredders GSZ 242 Combi (PTO) and GSB 242 Combi (petrol)

Well designed chippers and shredders are coming into more frequent use for serious gardeners, country estates, landscapers, smallholders and local authorities.

The perfect answer to yard clean-up: BGU shredders are all featuring a special full rotating discharge chute with adjustable ejector flap to direct compost material in any upwards or down-wards direction and with great time savings.

BGU GSZ 242 Combi (PTO)

BGU GSZ 242 Combi (PTO)


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The GSB 242 Combi with petrol engine demo video - see the video

BGU GSB 242 Combi (petrol)

BGU GSB 242 Combi (petrol)

  •  Upper and lower discharge chute
  • Extra large discharge hammers for increased material forcing and greater discharge power
  • 200° rotating discharge chute
  • Wide opening hopper lets you feed leaves, brush, stalks, tree-bark and garden waste with ease
  • Perfect material shredding and mulching and very rapid compost production
  • High quality paint, scratch-proof and weather resistant powder coating

BGU Shredders GSB 20 Woody

Equipped with shredding hammers and disc blade chipping device

  • Shreds branches up to 65 mm without difficulty
  • Swinging cutting hammers out of special hardened steel
  • Durable rotor with built-in lateral disc blade
  • User-friendly operation system
  • High quality paint, scratch proof and weather resistant powder coating
  • Available with petrol engine


Petrol engine drive Honda 3.7 / 5.0 kW
Tank capacity approx. 1.8 litres
Motor rev 3600 RPM
Drum speed 300 RPM
Drum diameter 300 mm
Timber diameter Max. 65 mm
Hammers 30 pcs.
Dimensions (W x H x L) 1150 x 1500 x 1050 mm
Weight approx. 102 kg
BGU GSB 20 Woody