ELHO Mounted Mower Roller Conditioners

ELHO's wide selection includes both mounted and trailed rubber roller conditioners.

Profiled rubber rollers are especially suited for leafy grasses such as clover. Thanks to gear synchronisation, the rubber profiles of the rollers do not touch each other or break sensitive plant parts when rolling.

The lubrication unit takes care of the large, enclosed and hardened cogwheels. The conditioner effect is adjusted with springs between the rubber rollers.

Mounted models:

  • Arrow NM 2000 Roller
  • Arrow NM 2400 Roller

The working widths for trailed ELHO Roller models are 3.2 and 3.7 m. All Arrow Roller models are equipped with the Hydro Balance suspension system. Aluminium plate is used to reduce weight.

Steel conditioner fingers and an adjustable counter bar guarantee the best possible drying result. Hydraulic mower head switch to change between work and transport positions. 55kW – 75kW

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Elho Arrow NM2400 Mounted Mower Roller Conditioner

ELHO Mounted Disc Mower

ELHO Mounted Disc Mowers

Elho NK-Series Mounted Mowers

Models: NK-201, NK-241 and NK-281

Features the same cutter bar as ELHO's mower conditioners, a durable structure and excellent mowing results.

This is a low-priced, vertically transported mowing option. In addition to the hydraulic lift of the mower head, the machine is equipped with the same durable cutter bars, mowing discs and slide shoes as ELHO's mower conditioners. Thanks to its versatility, the machine is suitable for forage mowing and landscape care. Working widths 2,0 m; 2,4 m and 2,8 m.

ELHO NK 281 Mower conditioner demo video - see the demo video here

ELHO HNM 240 R Mower conditioner demo video - see the demo video here

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ELHO Trailed Mower Conditioners

Elho Arrow trailed mower conditioners

The Arrow 3200 is ELHO's progressive, trailed mower conditioner.

The conditioning rotor has straight pendulum flails and a spring-loaded counter bar. This solution is a tried-and-tested way of providing the quickest drying. The large, adjustable back plate of a very spacious conditioning chamber breaks and turns the forage shower so that the straw is positioned as upright as possible in an even and fluffy, fast-drying swath. Small additional wings on the midsection of the ceiling of the conditioning chamber enable optimal adjustment of the swath which is especially important during the second and third harvest. Oval low-profile discs and optimally designed stone guards ensure a tidy and clean mowing trail.

Wide spreading is also easy! Just open the side swath plates and put the back swath plate in horizontal position. The conditioning unit with its heavy fingers give the forage high speed and a wide mat is formed.

The Arrow 3200 has ELHO's Hydro Balance suspension system which uses nitrogen gas pressure to lighten the cutter bar straight above the cutting spot. This way the soft, shaped guards under the mowing discs follow the field surface smoothly and the forage stays clean.

Adjusting the Hydro Balance suspension is very easy. The hand wheel next to the pressure gauge is used to adjust the basic suspension as desired. The standard suspension area is visible on the pressure gauge frame. For example, in a stony area the suspension can be increased during mowing using the tractor’s hydraulics switch. The height for the stubble can be easily adjusted from one side on top of the machine. The high and wide conditioning chamber enables broadcasting without additional equipment.

The new V-shaped portal frame allows optimal positioning of the draw bar's pivot to allow equal power transmission to the cutter bar and conditioning rotor. The end cushioning of the boom cylinder allows quick turns at headlands when the machine is moved to cut from the other side. Thanks to a folding draw bar, the machine fits even in small spaces for winter storage. The front guards open easily for checking and servicing.

The high portal frame allows great flexibility for the mowing unit. The cutter bar has good clearance at headlands and the machine does not mix even high swaths. The length of the draw bar is optimised to bring the mowing unit closer to the tractor. The power transmission axes and bearing enable easy lubrication and checking. The machine comes with 380/55-17 low-profile tyres as standard.

The trailed Arrow 3200 can be equipped with a Side Flow 3 side conveyor. The Side Flow 3 has its own hydraulics and is very easy to retrofit and use. The conveyor starts when it is lowered and stops when it is lifted. The oil container is built into the framework. With a side conveyor the amount of forage in the swaths will be doubled which can be a good thing for the harvester/baler but not so good if the forage need drying.

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Elho Arrow 3200 Trailed Mower

ELHO Arrow trailed mower conditioners demo video - see the demo video here