Hammer Mills Test Results

Download the Staalmeester Hammer Mills Test Results here » (pdf format, 12Kb)

STAALMEESTER Harvester Hammer mills

With years of experience and precise development we have produced a very unique maize harvesting hammer mill.

The Harvester Hammer mill has a single row intake and a spacing of 90 cm. Adjustable row spacing head. The dry material is chopped using a rotary blade system, after cutting the material from the ground it pushes it through to the intake auger that crushes the material and steadily feeds the 6776 hammer mill. The harvester hammer mill comes standard with a platform to stand on and replace the bags while milling in the field. There is a hitch to tow a wagon behind the harvester if the user decides on removing the bag cyclone and replacing it with a chute to discharge the material onto a wagon.

Ground speed of 2 km per hour can be reached and approximately 6 hectares a day can be milled depending on the tractor size and the quality of the material being milled.

The harvester can be used as a static hammer mill by removing one of the v-belts. The harvester head can also be removed and the 6776 pickup can be fitted.

Screen sizes vary from 0.8 mm to 70 mm.


Disc knives 16
Disc knives speed 316 r.p.m
Rotor speed 580 r.p.m
PTO power ** 40 – 70 kW
Cyclone 2 to 4 outlets
Discharge chute optional
Height adjustable yes
**The recommended tractor size depends on the working conditions, growth and environmental factors.
STAALMEESTER PTO Harvester Hammer mills


6776 Harvester Hammermill (Download brochure .pdf format, 1,87 Mb)