Hammer Mills Test Results

Download the Staalmeester Hammer Mills Test Results here » (pdf format, 12Kb)

JF 2-D Hammer Mill

The JF 2D hammer mill has a high resistance and durability. It is a versatile, small, powerful hammer mill.

The machine is ideal for grinding maize, any grain types, as well as corn on the cob. Sugar cane chopping, grass, Lucerne, garden waste and any other green forage.

The JF 2D can be used to chop small branches and garden waste. The rotor is designed with two blades on the side to act as a wood chipper or shredder.

Power options available :

  • Electric 2.2 kw single phase 2 or 4 pole.
  • Electric 5.5 kW 3 phase
  • Petrol 6.5 HP
  • Diesel 4 HP
  • Without motor
JF 2-D Hammer Mill


JF 2-D Hammer Mill (Download brochure .pdf format, 1,62 Mb)


JF 2D Hammer Mill on maize (part 1) demo video - see the video

JF 2D Hammer Mill on maize (part 2) demo video - see the video

JF 2-D Hammer Mill

JF 2D diesel and electrical motor