JF C-240 Evolution Double row forage harvester

High chopping precision, resulting in uniform chop sizes

Row spacing: 750 mm or 900 mm

2 Rotors,
The highest productivity in its category
The highest variety of chop sizes in its category,
Low power requirement,
The best cost-benefit relationship in its category: lower fuel consumption & maintenance.

JF Forage Harvester JF Double Z20 / C240 - The top selling forage harvester in Brazil, with the JF 2000 head.


JF C-240 (Download brochure .pdf format, 3,29 Mb)

JF harvester heads (Download brochure .pdf format, 2,77 Mb)


JF C240 Forage Harvester Double row with the Taurus JF 9000 (9m³) Forage Wagon demo video - see the video

JF C240 Forage Harvesters

JF exclusive "C" shaped knives with double function: chopping precision & throwing power.


Capacity Up to 60 ton/h
Cut sizes 24 sizes (2-36 mm)
Number of rotors 2
Number of rows 2
Number of blades in each rotor 12
Distance between rows 720 mm or 900 mm
Number of rotor blades 24
Power source Tractor PTO
Number of gathering drums 8
Recommended PTO power 60 – 90 kW
Required PTO revolution 540 r.p.m
Weight 1350 kg
Transmission system Cardan & gearbox

JF 2000 Harvester Heads available

JF 2000 Direct Cutting and Pickup platform.

JF 2000 direct cutting and pickup platform for the JF C240 Forage Harvesters


JF C240 Electrical

JF C240 Electrical

JF C240 Electrical

JF C240 Electrical

JF C240 in action

JF C240 in action