JF Vertical Feed Mixer 8m³ with scale

JF Vertical Feed Mixer 8000 (8m³) is the ultimate technology innovation for Total Mix Ration wagons (TMR). The simple and chanless transmission mixing system with paddle and blades will help you in achieving your livestock's full genetic potential. The livestock feeding without stress is the key for higher productivity and JF Vertical Feed Mixer 8000 (8m³) homogeeous mix ration and even distribution will provide that. The feed mix means that all the ingredients will turn in a uniform total ration. Its homogeneous color and smooth ration allow the cattle to take advantage of all the nutrients from each ingredient, producing more milk and beef.

Automix scale and JF-link

The Automix scale can be controlled directly on its screen or wirelessly through your computer. It has 20 memory positions for different feeding programs which can include up to 12 different ingredients.


High quality, fast and uniform mix.

Increase in your dairy or beef livestock productivity.

Easy handling and operation.

Easy and low maintenance.

JF Vertical Feed Mixer 8m³ with scale


JF Vertical Feed Mixer 6000 (6m³) with scale demo video - see the video