Hammer Mills Test Results

Download the Staalmeester Hammer Mills Test Results here » (pdf format, 12Kb)

STAALMEESTER Pick up Hammer Mill

The pickup unit is bolted to the standard 6776 Hammer Mill and is specially designed for South African conditions. The fodder is milled and treated in one process – double handling is therefore entirely eliminated.

Unscrew the gathering unit and you have an ordinary mill. Material such as Lucerne, grass, sugar cane, peanut hay, wheat straw and maize stalks can be picked up from the swath effortlessly and milled to your specifications.


Pickup width 1 300 mm
Width 3 200 mm
Length 1 840 mm
Weight 1 010 kg
PTO power ** 45 – 787 kW
Cam disc bearings 4
Hydraulic motor with control valve
**The recommended tractor size depends on the working conditions, growth and environmental factors.

OPTIONAL: Double cyclone or chute

Capacity with 25mm screen

  • Lucerne: 11 680 kg/h
  • Shelled maize: 21 800 kg/h
Staalmeester Pick up Hammer Mill STAALMEESTER 6776 (6776 HM) Hammer mill Pick up unit

The pickup unit


6776 Pick-up Hammermill (Download brochure .pdf format, 1,42 Mb)


The 6776 Pick up Hammer Mill - see the video

Pick up Hammer Mill (2nd video) - see the video