Staalmeester GR 600 Stationary Forage Harvester

GR 600 can be equipped with a final re-chopping plate, for a very fine chop.

Can chop or cut any type of plant material wet or dry :

  • Sugar cane,
  • Lusern,
  • Grass,
  • Beet Tops,
  • Prickly Pear or any other type of vegetable,
  • In bales or loose.

Heavy duty auger transports material directly to the chopping rotor.

Can be easily converted for different uses.

6 Cutter knives can be removed in pairs, and are easily adjustable for different cutting lengths.

Staalmeester GR 600 (Stationary Forage Harvester)


Staalmeester GR600 (Download brochure .pdf format, 2,86 Mb)

Staalmeester GR 600 (Stationary Forage Harvester)


Power requirement 15 - 22 kW
PTO speed 540 r.p.m
Length 2000 mm
Width 1670 mm
Height 1200 mm
Chopped flywheel Ø 810 mm
Chopped flywheel speed 1655 rpm
No of cutting blades 6
Machine weight 390 kg

Blowers on rotor can be removed, and the GR-600 can be equipped with a hammer-mill cyclone.

Cutter bar fixed to rotor housing

Ideal for feeding Ostrich chickens.

Chopping drum can be attached to harvester head, for a mobile forage harvester.

The GR-600 can blow chopped material into a silo to a height of 15m or onto a trailer.

By only removing the wrapping. Wrapped bales can be chopped with ease.


Staalmeester GR 600 (Stationary Forage Harvester)